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Stay Safe and Read!

During this trying time, we hope that all our readers and writers are staying safe out there. You know the drill: wash your hands, avoid crowds, and drink plenty of water. Many events are being cancelled, schools are closing, and businesses are shutting down for a few weeks. Many will be stuck at home without much to do. (Except us introverts. We've been doing this for years!)

Knowing that funds may be tight for those out of work, we are planning a 99¢ sale for three of our titles. Junior Paranormal Investigators: The Haunting of Room 909 by Michael James is a middle grade ghost story that your children will surely enjoy. The Golden Bell by Aurora Styles is a dark fantasy take on the Bluebeard legend that will leave you wanting more. Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic by Marie Krepps is a collection of fantasy, science fiction, and horror stories that are sure to entertain. These titles will be available for only ninety-nine pennies on Amazon for a few weeks, so you can enjoy your time off without breaking your bank.

A reminder for authors, we are still accepting submissions for our short story anthology, so be sure to check out the guidelines on our Coming Soon page. Now would be a good time to polish those up!

Again, we hope everyone is being safe out there, making good judgement calls, and enjoying a fun read.

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