• Marie

Marie's Munchies: Adventures with Auto-correct

Auto-correct likes to make fools of us all. As someone who gets extremely irritated when I misspell a simple text message or social media post, it tends to really get on my nerves when the drunken dwarf of auto-correct purposefully changes what I’m trying to type. On the other hand, it can also make for some entertaining reads.

Aurora and I have had some amazingly bad auto-correct conversations lately that have made us laugh. I mean, if mistakes like this can brighten your day, then maybe we need more of them. Enjoy our conversations via screenshots. We certainly got a kick out of them.

And this is just some of the craziness that takes our conversations in entirely different directions. This sort of thing happens all the time and we tend to just roll with it. So remember, writers; when your software fails you, don't fret. Auto-correct mishaps could actually be great fodder for humorous writing. If nothing else, it could bring a smile to your face.

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