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Happy Hollow-een!

Today is Halloween and people everywhere are celebrating Samhain in their own way. You may be dressing your kids up and heading out for some candy, preparing a feast, or getting ready to dance around a bonfire, but either way, no matter the tradition, this is the time of year where everyone recognizes that winter or the darker half of the year is here. What are your plans this evening when the veil between the worlds has lifted?

Speaking of dark things, let's not forget that Hollow Hills has two books that linger in their own dark worlds. Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic by Marie Krepps contains tales not only of fantasy and science fiction, but of horror. Here is a short excerpt from one of my favorite creepy tales titled "Coffins:"

The coffins sat side by side, solemn and still. “Need help?” Mick offered but Pablo didn’t even turn his head to acknowledge him.

“Not necessary. Just open the door.”

With that, Pablo leaned forward and slowly slid both hands across the lids of each coffin. His expression was calm, his eyes turned inward. His movements were like a gentle caress and once he passed the center of the lid, a symbol formed where his hands had been. Words of an ancient language repeated in swirling patterns in a square the size of a notebook in bright white letters on each coffin. When Pablo stood back up, the ancient language remained visible on the lids. Positioning himself in front of one coffin, he brought his hands up before his chest, palms inward, and drew them to himself, making a “Come to me” motion. With that, the coffin began to move.

Mick had lit a cigarette, holding the extra-wide door to the crematorium open with his foot when he turned and saw the coffin floating out of the hearse. His cigarette almost fell from his lips, smoke sputtering out of his gaping mouth. He could only watch in frozen shock as Pablo positioned the coffin in front of him without even touching it, then pushed it inside, the coffin gliding smoothly over thin air. Only a few minutes passed before the boy returned and repeated this bizarre ritual with the second coffin. By then, Mick had composed himself a bit. He took a long drag from the cigarette and shook his head in wonder.

I hope you enjoyed that juicy taste of just one of the short stories in the collection. Be sure to grab your copy of Tantalizing Tales of the Horrific and Fantastic here. You can also check out the newest release by Aurora Styles, the dark fantasy The Golden Bell. Both are deliciously fun reads for this deliciously creepy night.

Happy Hollow-een!

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