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Company Holiday Break

Hello, everyone! Hollow Hills will be closed for business from December 15th through January 5th for the holidays. What does this mean for you? We will not be answering any messages on social media or replying to emails. This isn't to say that you cannot send messages or emails to the company regarding questions you may have or requests for beta reads or edits. Please do send them and we will be happy to reply next year.

We will also be closed for submissions for a time because of publication schedules for this coming year. We have a lot of fresh, new stories in store for our readers so stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if your bookworm needs a gift this holiday season, be sure to visit our Publications page for some amazing speculative fiction works by our talented authors. From middle grade to adult, fantasy to horror, we have something for all tastes and age groups.

Happy holidays from Hollow Hills and may your new year be amazing and full of interesting reads!

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