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Call for Submissions

Updated: Mar 25, 2018

We are looking for submissions for our first anthology!

Hollow Hills presents Still Standing, an anthology of short stories about empowerment and healing. The royalties from this anthology will go to a charity or nonprofit organization of our choice. We are still in talks about which charity, but it will be one that involves the theme of the anthology.

The submission guidelines for Still Standing are as follows:

Your story should be about men or women who were "struck down" or ill treated in some way by a boss, co-worker, teacher, evil overlord, or any person in power. They could have been harassed, bullied, physically beaten or attacked, made to feel small, fired or replaced, etc. It can be a revenge story, an empowerment story, neither, or both, but it must show how the protagonist came through the ordeal, including the healing process. The victim came through and is standing on their own two (or more) feet. The protagonist could be male or female of any ethnicity or sexual orientation. The story must have either fantasy/supernatural, romantic, thriller/horror, or mythological elements. We will also consider poetry.

Submissions should be in 12 point font, double-spaced, and emailed to hollowhillsbooks(at)gmail(dot)com. We would like stories between 6k and 10k words long. We may make exceptions if your stories run over, but not under.

Deadline for submissions is June 25th 2018.

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